desuish: where did you get the jewelry jelly 3ds skin!?! ahhhhhh

I made a high-res graphic by taking the Jewelry Jelly swatch off AP’s site, then copying, pasting, and aligning it until I had a nice big square of the same color. Then I custom-printed it through (。´∀`)ノ

Who needs PWP’s when you have swag
fossilizedhuman: happy valentines day!

Thank you! You too! (So super late aaahhhh)

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mintjulia: Just so you know, I made a dress like your Dream Sky Parka. I figured I'd tell you because I don't want you to think I stole anything of yours. My dress looks much different, but I'm also going to credit you saying you're the one I got my idea from<3

That’s totally fine! :) If you didn’t already know, the original textile design is from a super cute brand called Angelic Pretty.

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I just really like this. 

I loved this, there’s so many extra things that you see when you look around in the finished picture

Don’t worry, guys! I’m still around and playing Animal Crossing. (つω`)
My life is just being eaten by work/school rn.

Starry Mushroom~ ♪ by bunnymonstr featuring black socksBlack socks / Evado glitter flat / NARS Cosmetics lip shine, $31 / Shu uemura silver glitter eye makeup, $18


hey guys what are we fishing for nothing oh thats cool

well at least you’re fishing for nothing..with friends